September 25, 2020

NJ Nets 2009-2010 Preseason Outlook

After losing Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter the past year and a half, the Nets are looking to build around a talented, young core to become contenders again. New York Nets tickets sold a lot more when they were contending every year in the NBA.

Casual basketball fans might not know at this point who exactly is on the Nets, but the potential they have with young talent could turn this team around early during their transition period.

The team's new franchise player is Devin Harris. He broke out last season as one of the young stars in the NBA, making Dallas fans question why they gave him up for an old Jason Kidd. Brook Lopez is the centerpiece inside, and after an impressive rookie campaign, big things are expected for the former Stanford star.

One of the most interesting pieces of the Vince Carter trade was Courtney Lee. Another young prospect who has shown flashes of talent, he could be a wing for the Nets for quite a while.

With all this young talent, perhaps the most important player who will make this team a contender or pretender is Yi Jianlian. After coming to the NBA from China a few years ago, he is already on his second team and many question if he'll ever become a star. The minutes will be there for him to take, now he just needs to perform.

Those looking for New Jersey Nets tickets will be looking to catch them before they make the move to Brooklyn. The good thing about New Jersey is they seem to have tickets available, so you will be able to not only watch a rising team, but also the best teams come in and contend. Don't sleep on the Nets this year, they could definitely surprise some people this season.

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