September 22, 2020

Remember When You Dreamt About Playing In The NBA?

If you were one of the many kids who had dreams of playing pro basketball when growing up, but realized you weren’t gonna be tall enough. I am writing this article for you. I don’t have the money or the connections to start my own league, but I sure damn will bring awareness to this issue. And by doing so I hope to encourage the public who will then be heard by the businesses and rich powerful men who can make this dream come true.

Some of the most entertaining and talented basketball players I have ever seen play in my life are under 6ft tall. You’ve seen them in the school gym and youv’e seen them in the park, they are as athletic as any NBA star. Most of the people on this earth is under 6 feet tall. So out of this giant pool we have a higher chance of extraordinary gifted and athletic men. I call upon the world to open up a leauge up for these players.

The Earl Boykins argument. Some people will argue that height doesn’t matter, look at Earl Boykins. Let me ask you this how many GM’s will ever draft 5 players as talented as Earl Boykins and have them start? How about Players under 6 feet who want to play more than the point guard position? Exactly.

Well lets tart a league for people 5’10” and under. Have a draft in which their will be a gigantic pool which will result in even more talented and deserving players. From a buisiness standpoint this works. We know there’s a lot of talent out their under 6 feet tall. I know this league would be a very successful and entertaining league. I hope to one day see this league realized, and these dreams become a possibility for these kids, and so if he/she wants to play pro basketball, it is not based on how tall you are, but the amount of talent, effort and skills you have.

Source by Ben N.

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