September 22, 2020

Rise of Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler has come along way from playing basketball in Tomball High School in Texas. He had a rough childhood growing up and was forced to move from friends house to friends house after being kicked out of his house by his mother. He soon was taken in by one of his friends family and had a steady home. Butler played basketball for Tomball for all four years and his last year he was voted MVP of the team. Even though having an okay high school career, Butler wasn’t scouted by many big colleges and decided to attend Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas. He had a great season there that soon started to gain attention from Division 1 schools. After his first year he got accepted a scholarship to attend Marquette.

After he graduated Marquette, he was drafted in the 2011 NBA Draft. He was selected by the Chicago Bulls in the 1st round, pick number 30. There was a lot of good vibes about drafting Butler, but he wasn’t allowed many minutes into the game due to him being a rookie and former Chicago Bull player Luol Deng being the starter. His first two years were just average for a young shooting guard. The front office and many fans thought he was going to be an okay shooting guard. After his 3rd season, he went to NBA All-Defensive second team. In his 5th season he had become a break out player due to the opportunity to be a starter as well as playing without the Chicago Bull’s best player at that time, Derrick Rose. He was playing very well and was selected as an NBA All-Star, his first ever. He went on to lead the Bulls into the playoffs where they fell short to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Which brings us to his current season where he is having his best season of his career. He is averaging 22.3 points per game and has made his second consecutive NBA All-Star selection. This team had the leaders shifted from Derrick Rose to Jimmy Butler.

The Chicago Bulls are now considered to be Butler’s team and everybody knows he deserves it, even Derrick Rose himself. He is playing so well that he has been in the Top 5 NBA MVP voting this season. It is safe to say that Jimmy Butler is only entering his prime years of his basketball era.

Source by Rubin S Dhillon

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