September 28, 2020

The 5 Best Xbox Games of All Time

Surely you already know what an Xbox is. If not, you must come out from under that rock you’ve been hiding under all these years because you have missed out on a lot of things. Out of the sheer fact that the Xbox is now dead because of its predecessor and some other competitors, I will be compiling a list of the top 5 best Xbox games. You might be asking why just 5 and not 7 or 10. Beats me, but I personally think these 5 games mentioned will be enough to give a proper representation of what was – the Xbox fever.

#5- NBA Street Vol.2

Published by: Electronic Arts

Developed by: EA Canada

Without a doubt, EA’s NBA Street got much of its “idea” from NBA Jam. Good thing they didn’t just go and copy everything and instead they made a game pretty much unique in itself. It features a deep and challenging gameplay, a complete roster of both NBA legends and fabricated characters with a stellar multiplayer capability. The only real downside of NBA Street is that it lacks online connectivity. Nevertheless, EA Canada composed all the necessary stuff to make this game a must-have for any Xbox enthusiast.

#4 – Project Gotham Racing 2

Published by: Microsoft

Developed by: Bizarre Creations

This game was originally under Sega with the name Metropolis Street Racer. Albeit this, Project Gotham stayed true to its arcade racing roots. Better yet, it upgraded itself by having over 200 different vehicles while lavishly bestowing detail to various city streets where you race. The only real drawback of PGR 2 is the onboard soundtrack. This can easily be remedied by using custom soundtracks where it allows gamers to use their own racing music. The Kudos system is also another feature of PGR 2 that garnered much commendation. Simply put, the game rewards you for driving with style. Can it get any better than that?

#3 – Ninja Gaiden

Published by: Tecmo

Developed by: Team Ninja

It’s almost a known fact, everybody thinks ninjas are cool. The first 3D version released in the Ninja Gaiden series, it was not perfect, yet it was badass in its own way. Move over posers, this is assassination at its finest. Ryu had a multitude of weapons with different capabilities and combos that made the game more engaging than most action games. Instead of providing different characters, you can just swap weapons and you have an entirely new character to boot. Never has killing been this fun.

#2 – Knights of the Old Republic

Published by: LucasArts

Developed by: BioWare Corp.

The RPG genre failed to make a good impact on the Xbox throughout all these years. KOTOR was the only RPG that was actually good enough to be included in this list. In KOTOR, you get to choose to become, join either the good or evil faction and change the course of history in the process. KOTOR combined sound, graphics and epic gameplay into a deep, engaging story and thus landed him the number 2 spot in my list.

#1 – Halo: Combat Evolved

Published by: Microsoft

Developed by: Bungie Studios

‘Nuff said…

But really, Halo took the whole Xbox public by storm. It would be stupid to just mention all the great things about Halo and not consider the hype it’s acquired ever since its first release. The story was legendary, engaging and it makes perfect sense. As a first-person shooter, you could practically do everything you ever would want to do in a first person shooter game. Use all the weapons you want, drive all the vehicles with ease and carry 2 weapons of your choice. Halo is far from being perfect. But you can’t think of Xbox without thinking of Halo.

Source by Agatha Marrama

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