September 28, 2020

The Boston Celtic Sports Fans – Providing Support Like No Other

For my money, I have to admit the best NBA fans I have ever seen in person have been the rowdy crowd at the TD Garden. Even before the game started I remember thinking to myself that as an opposing NBA player, there is no other place in the entire league where I would rather sit out the game feigning an injury and preferably stay on the team bus. When it comes to being a passionate sports fan as a collective, the Boston fans have it down to a science.

Unlike some of the other places I have been to, Boston fans start chanting even before the game begins and they simply do not let up until the final buzzer sounds. Different from other NBA teams where their fans chant for only one star player or for the entire team as a unit, almost every single player in the Boston line-up, whether they be starters or benchwarmers, get some love from the crowd, most of them even have their own personalized chant.

And the beauty of it is that these New England NBA sports fans genuinely seem interested, and knowledgeable, about the game of basketball. Their cheers and chants, though still profane, are mostly witty and informed.

What you have to love as lifelong NBA fans is that even when the team is underperforming and not doing well that season, the love for the Boston Celtics still resonates through the TD Garden every single night. I do not know whether it is the atmosphere of the Celtic dynasties that have came and gone, but no matter whether you are enjoying a Celtics win or a loss, the fans provide entertainment that few fans in the NBA universe can match, simply being there amongst the crowd is already a joy in itself. As an NBA fan you owe it to yourself to check out at least one game at the TD Garden, you will be glad you did.

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