September 24, 2020

What Is A Basketball Sleeve Used For?

In 2000 an NBA player called Allen Iverson first popularized the basketball sleeve after returning from an arm injury. NBA players such as Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, have been wearing them ever since and you’re probably wondering why. After all, they wouldn’t wear them if they were useless, would they? In this article I will talk about the top 3 reasons for wearing a basketball sleeve.


You might be thinking that, a thin piece of spandex and nylon just keeps your arm warm if it’s cold. Well you would be partially right. Because the NBA allows for unlimited substitutions you could spend a fair amount of time on the bench. While you’re on the bench it’s extremely important to keep your muscles up to working temperature. Cold muscles equals tightness and injuries. Nobody wants either of these. So what if you’re so good that you never even get to sit on that lovely cushioned bench? Well luckily for you most sleeves are made of very high quality breathable materials, allowing excess heat to vent away from the body. Also, if you tend to sweat a lot you may find it very useful at stopping the sweat drip down to your hands and it’s also a handy place to wipe those sweaty hands of yours. However, that’s not all, thanks to this it helps to ensure top muscle performance and reduce the chances of sustaining an injury.


You might have spotted certain basketball sleeves with an elbow pad on them. This provides the obvious benefit of protection from slips and falls so that you don’t shatter or bruise an elbow and this gives you that extra bit of confidence to give it maximum effort on the court. But yes, some sleeves don’t have an elbow pad. That’s not to say it doesn’t protect you though. You may be vulnerable to big crashes on the hardwood but you can still slide to save that loose ball because the durable material will stop you from getting court burn and minor scrapes and cuts. They are also more comfortable than their padded counterparts. They do also provide a small amount of support to the joints, and every little helps when your training and playing every day. You will probably find though, that it is more of a mental boost than a physical one and once you take that sleeve off, you will probably want it back on.


Yes, I could not write an article about the benefits of a basketball sleeve without mentioning that all important street cred. In all different styles and colours, basketball sleeves have become one of people’s favourite on-the-court fashion accessory. It just adds that small bit of individuality so you can stand out the crowd of the same matching jerseys. Not to mention, all the cool NBA players wear them!

Well I hope this article on the benefits of a basketball sleeve has helped you understand this article of clothing a bit better and maybe you will even go out and buy yourself one. I know I can’t play without mine any more.

Source by Joe Lavelle

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