September 28, 2020

Which NBA Team Will Overcome Pressure?

The Western Conference standings were really affected by the four games that were played on Sunday. The Lakers were torpedoed by the Rockets in a game they lost 101-91. Ron Artest playing against his former team led the scoring for the Lakers with 22 points. The Suns hard won victory against the Toronto Raptors by half a basket propelled them back at the top of the Western Conference standings.

The Suns, the Hawks, the Bucks and the Nuggets all have one thing in common. In all the four matches they have played at home, they haven’t conceded a game in front of their home crowd. On the road it’s only the Miami Heat who has won all their matches. Hard it is to take for the New Jersey, they have lost all their ten opening games. In their next game they host a very optimistic team that has recorded four straight wins, the Indiana Pacers.

Nothing is challenging for a team as when it’s playing under pressure. We all know pressure mounts a team when it’s playing in the playoffs and that’s why the playoffs are very special. The Celtics and the Lakers have a different sort of pressure hovering around them at the moment. They have lost two consecutive games and they will definitely be under pressure to win in their next game.

On the injury scene, it’s not known how long the New Orleans Hornets guard; Chris Paul will be out of action. The Hornets are under intense pressure to turn things round. The good news is at the Rockets camp, word is going around that Tracy Mcgrady will be returning to the court very soon after an eight month injury lay off.

In today’ game the most anticipated clash will be held in Atlanta Georgia where the Atlanta Hawks and the Portland Trail Blazers meet. The Hawks are the current leaders in the Eastern Conference while the Blazers are laying second in the Western Conference. Both teams can’t afford to make any slip-ups otherwise they will lose their current standing status.

Other than these facts, the bigger picture that is being painted in the fans mind is; will the Hawks pressure help them end the Blazers six game winning streak or will the Blazers pressure help them hand the Hawks their first home loss?

Source by Michael Kimani

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