September 25, 2020

Who Among the Three NBA Musketeers Shall Lead?

In the Philips Arena in Atlanta Georgia, 48 minutes of play were not enough to separate the Atlanta Hawks and the Portland Trail Blazers. The game went to overtime where the home team extinguished the Blazers 99-95. The win helped the Hawks hit three birds with one stone. First the managed to keep a clean sheet at home of not conceding a match, secondly they stopped the Blazers six game winning streak and thirdly they are still at the summit of the Eastern Conference.

Currently, the Miami heats are tied with the Hawks at the top and will be under pressure to win against the Oklahoma City in today’s game. If the Heat wins today’s game, simple mathematics say that by Thursday morning, the Eastern Conference will definitely have one team in pole position because on Wednesday night, the Heat will be hosted by the Hawks. The game will be a real thriller since the Hawks have proved they are difficult to beat at home and the Heat have not lost a single match on the road. One team will have to relinquish its good record.

Only three teams have now lost two matches in the NBA, i.e. the Hawks, the Heat and the Suns. Among the three NBA’s musketeers, many people would single out the Miami Heat as the odd one out. Any loss the musketeers encounter will give advantage to the chasing pack. The chasing pack in the Eastern Conference is made up of five teams while the Western Conference is made up of three teams.

It’s still a very sticky affair at the middle of the table standings. The results of every game are in actual fact shacking up the standings hence making each game very important. We are yet to see a team creating a bigger gap between them and the chasing pack. Who among the three NBA musketeers will pull a strong kick and leave the rest behind or shall we witness an interchange at the top of the standings.

Source by Michael Kimani

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