September 23, 2020

Cheer on Your Favorite Team With Alyssa Milano Touch Clothing

There are more female sports fans out there than we think- and for years, they had to settle for big, oversized men’s jerseys, caps and other apparel. There weren’t really any companies out there making sports gear to suit a woman’s smaller frame or her different taste- but that’s no longer true. Alyssa Milano’s Touch line makes it a lot easier for women to look stylish while cheering on their favorite team. With jackets, hats, pants, and shirts, she can look great and sport her team’s colors at the same time!

Touch was launched in the spring of 2007, when Alyssa Milano (who is a big baseball fan) wanted to wear her team’s colors but couldn’t find any gear that she liked. All of the stuff that was available was too big and geared more toward men. She felt that women should have more choices when it came to NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB apparel, so she started her own line of stylish, comfortable women’s sports apparel. No matter what team you root for, Touch has something for the lady sports fan.

There are shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants, hats, and other apparel from almost every major team. No matter who you root for, Touch has jackets, top, and sweatshirts. Every NFL team is represented, and the Packers, Patriots, and Pittsburgh Steelers gear is especially popular this season. If you are a fan of the NHL, there are tops, jackets, hats and pants from almost every team, such as the Rangers, the Florida Panthers, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Those women who like basketball can find great NBA gear from all teams, too. Now the men can buy fan gear for their wives and girlfriends.

Women don’t have to settle for wearing their boyfriend’s ratty old jersey or big jacket anymore. With Alyssa Milano’s Touch clothing line, she can look stylish while at the game or at home cheering on her favorite team. Touch clothing makes a great gift (keep that in mind, because Christmas is coming up!) No matter what her favorite team is, Touch has something that she’s guaranteed to love.

Source by Jeff Miramar

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