September 28, 2020

Linsanity: A Product Of Media Hype?

We are all familiar with the global phenomenon known as "Linsanity" and the man behind it, Jeremy Lin. Last year, he became some sort of a global icon, especially among the Asian fans, because he was the NBA's "feel good story" of the year. Here was an a guy who had no scholarship offers, went undrafted, and bounced around from team to team before a string of seven games made him the darling of numerous fans everywhere.

Eventually, the Linsanity hype would die down and people slowly started to move on from whatever was left of it. However, the popularity and cult following that Lin received from the whole experience was astounding and the media made sure to get a story on him every chance that they got. Lin is currently playing for the Houston Rockets where he is having an okay season. He still has a good following, but nowhere near as big as last year when it all started.

Now, while some fans felt very happy for Lin because of his meteoric rise to fame, others think that he may have become too overhyped. Lin is a decent player who can give you valuable minutes each time he steps on the court, but the way that the media made him out to be a true NBA superstar has also caused him to become a target of scrutiny from several basketball pundits and fans alike.

You see, because of the hype that he was being given, Lin was essentially being forced to live up to certain expectations when in reality, he just couldn't. Lin definitely has talent in him, but it's not as much to categorize him among the NBA's elite group of players. At best, Lin is an average point guard that can contribute, but not be a player that can carry a team like what Lebron did with the Cavs.

Even in this current 2012-2013 season, Lin is having solid numbers, but once again came under fire from basketball fans because of the high amount of votes that he got in the All-Star Balloting. He was third among the Western Conference guards in votes, something that many fans felt that he didn't deserve. Even Lin himself admitted that he wasn't deserving of an All-Star spot this year because he feels that he hasn't been playing all that well.

Can we really blame Jeremy Lin for being both overhyped and overrated when the truth is he wasn't the one who brought this upon himself?

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