September 22, 2020

NBA Picks Insider Reports Melo’s Move Could Complicate East Race

That sound you hear is nothing but NBA picks pounding the hardwood as training camps get set to open. It’s been a wild summer in The Association as most of it surrounding LeBron James and his new posse on South Beach with a continuing shift of power back toward the Eastern Conference. But King James may find it getting even more crowded in the East if Carmelo Anthony gets his way.

Back in late August, Melo began rumblings that he wanted out of Denver. With one year left on his contract, Anthony was interested in a three-year, $65 million extension. He just wasn’t interested in it coming from the Nuggets. The team has started exploring a number of trade options, hoping to gain some young players in return. That wish has hurt the New York Knicks’ chances of landing Melo, but has kept the other three rumored suitors – Houston, Chicago and New Jersey – strongly in the mix.

For the time being, any news of Anthony changing addresses has remained shrouded in secrecy. But that hasn’t stopped people from asking. La La Vasquez, Anthony’s new wife, was asked about her husband’s plans by the Denver Post while promoting her new reality show.

“I find myself trying to stay away from speculation,” she told The Post. “He’s been with those guys for seven years and has played his heart out.”

Melo himself has been pretty mum on the subject telling his followers on Twitter, “When I know something you guys will know something. #pointblankperiod.” For the moment he remains a Denver Nugget, but it seems only to be a matter of when he’ll be traded, not if. With two of the three contenders being in the East, a trade to the Right Coast could make the battle for the top half of the conference very interesting.

Land Anthony in Chicago and the Bulls quickly become of the NBA picks to click, taking over for the Cavaliers as the rulers of the Central Division. Match him up with a healthy Devin Harris and an emerging Brook Lopez in New Jersey and they could be the second best team in the Atlantic Division behind the Celtics.

In the meantime, training camp opens next week and it looks almost certain that Melo will be on Denver’s roster. Keep your eyes open. This story will continue to develop and will have a major impact on the season.

Source by Jimmy Reilly

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