September 23, 2020

The NBA’s Best Courts

Fans will argue about which NBA team they feel is better. Some will argue about which players are better. Now here’s the real scoop on which NBA teams have the best courts that will get the fans pumped up to see the game.

If you’re a fan that likes to get into a game without having to pay enormous amounts of cash, then New Orleans is the court you want to watch it at. For just $51.00 a fan is able to get a seat six rows off the court floor. If you want to upgrade to club seating though it will set you back $135, but from these seats you can practically touch the players as they walk from the tunnel to the court.

When it comes to parking, no one wants to park several miles away from the arena. That’s why if you’re one who wants to get cheap, close parking then the Phoenix Suns’ arena is the place for you. Parking costs only about $7 and its less than three minutes from the farthest spot to the arena. Plus, traffic doesn’t sit around for long periods of time so one will be in and out when it comes to parking.

One of the best things about enjoying a basketball game is the concessions. There’s nothing better than a nice snack while watching a basketball game. So if you’re one who doesn’t like to spend a tremendous amount on food then the Atlanta Hawks will be a team you might enjoy. At this arena one can get a 32 ounce soda for only $3.50, or you can spend a little more and get a team jersey for $125. The area itself has a nice atmosphere to it with garbage cans painted as nets. You can even check up on the stock market as it is flashed on one wall with updated scores on another.

For fans who like to get very involved into the game, a good arena to attend would be that of the Sacramento Kings. With a banner hanging above the court stating, “The NBA’s No.1 Home-court Advantage” anyone can feel like they’re part of the game. With the team being the only show in town, sellouts are a routine for Sacramento fans whether the team is not doing as hot, or they’re on fire.

Now for those Laker Girl fans out there, here’s a little surprise for you. The Miami Heat have dancers that will make you’re jaw hit the ground. With dancers that are well drilled and just as good as those Laker Girls, they can make any man love basketball. Just because they’re not as hyped about as the Laker Girls doesn’t mean they still can’t give the audience a performance they’ll never forget. So if you like watching beautiful girls dance around a basketball court in tight clothes, then you might want to check out the arena of the Miami Heat.

Source by Bob Johnson

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