September 24, 2020

What Made Magic Johnson So Great? Ervin Johnson Biography

When you think about Ervin "Magic" Johnson's game, you wonder how he could have been one of the best point guards in the history of the NBA. Magic lacked great speed his moves weren't exactly smooth or graceful, and he wasn't a great leaper. He wasn't exactly a great shooter as well. What he did do that was great, was play each moment of every game with one thought in his mind. He asked himself "What can I do, right now, to help my team win this basketball game?

During the 1980's nobody came up with the right answer more often than Magic did. 9 times in 12 seasons Magic Johnson led the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA finals. Five of those times the Lakers won the NBA championship. During three of those championship victories, Magic Johnson was awarded the MVP.

Interesting Facts About Magic Johnson:

  • One of Magic's most embarrassing moments was when he was leading the LA Lakers out of the locker room in his first basketball game ever as a Laker. He was so nervous that he forgot to tie the drawstring on his warm up pants, which caused him to fall flat on his face when he went out on the court to take his warm up shots.
  • Every time that the Lakers played in Detroit, his mom made fried chicken and fixings for the whole team. Her sweet potato pie became tradition after the game.
  • When Magic moved into his Bel Air mansion, the boy that lived next to him asked if Magic Johnson could play. The next thing the boy knew, Magic Johnson had grabbed a pair of shoes and was out shooting baskets with him!

Magic Johnson Timeline Biography

1980: Wins 1st NBA Championship trophy

1982: Averages an NBA best 2.7 steals per game

1987: Leads the league in assists for the 4th time

1991: Wins 2nd All Star MVP award

Other interesting facts about Magic Johnson:

As a child, Magic Johsnon belonged to the Boys and Girls Club in Lansing, Michigan. As an adult he supports their national organization and the Challenger Club of South Central Los Angeles. He also organizes a Mid Summer's night's Magic, a basketball game to benefit the United Negro College Fund. Since learning he was HIV positive back in 1991 he has set up the Magic Johnson AIDS foundation. Till this day Magic Johnson has did wonders for communities all over the world with his charitable efforts.

Source by Jeff Sullivan

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